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Want clean, tidy, freshly minted looking clothes—minus the constant cleaning hassle? With Dobybox, all you need to do is pack your dirty laundry, drop it off at our secure lockers, lock the locker with any 4-digit code, place your order via our app, and then collect your freshly cleaned laundry within 48 hours!

Our professional cleaning services include the following processes:

From everyday wear to household fabrics, your favorite winter clothes and sensitive garments like sequined Punjabi suits, Sarees and Baju Kurungs, our dry cleaning experts know how best to take care of your laundry cleaning.

Dry cleaning uses special cleaning fluids (chemical solvents) for the purpose of cleaning clothes and textiles and removing soils and stains from fabrics. Many types of fabrics and dyes do not respond well to the usual washing or tumble dry with water, and may shrink or fade colour-wise in the process. Get your clothes back to a “like-new” condition—as our dry cleaning service operators will take all precautions to prevent loss of colour, fabric shrinkage, and change to the look and feel of your clothes.

Benefits of dry cleaning include:

  • Minimizes wear and tear of fabric
  • Helps dissolve grease, oils and sweat where washing in water cannot
  • Cleans natural fibers beautifully which may otherwise distort, shrink and lose colour when washed in water, such as wools and silks.
  • Cleans synthetic fibers like polyester beautifully as well, where stubborn stains can be hard to remove.
  • Minimizes colour fading and bleeding
  • Protects original integrity, texture and colour of fabric
  • Expert understanding of fabrics: Should you put silk, rayon, tie-dyed cotton and gauzy material in the same laundry pile?
    Big no-no! Dry cleaners know what type of cleaning and care works best with different kinds of fabrics and fibers, each of which respond positively and negatively to various cleaning methods.
  • Helps increase the life of your garments!

If you like ironing, you’re a special breed! Many busy bees spend hours at a time standing over the ironing board to make sure their everyday work or social attire looks dapper, round the clock—other smart busy bees Dobybox it! Our cleaners use special pressing equipment to give your garments the crisp, wrinkle-free, professional smooth finishing you want. No ugly creases or rumples. Just neat looking clothes you can instantly put on and zip out to work or that special appointment in, looking like the boss of your day.

Do you have special gowns, Punjabi suits, Baju Kurungs, lingerie or other delicate clothing you wish to clean? The best practice for protecting your delicates is to perform gentle hand washing, as there are many factors that may ruin your precious garments such as over-scrubbing, wringing and twisting tightly, hanging, and wrong use of detergent. Our cleaning experts are well trained to take care of your delicate clothing so they get back to you in pristine condition!

Normal washing is the usual practice of cleaning clothes with the help of additives like detergents, and tumble dry washing with water. Sometimes, it’s not easy to manage bulky clothes and excessive delicates at the same time. One tumble dry stuffed to the brim is not advised for it all! Our cleaning operators can help take care of this labor-intensive process, so you can have freshly-cleaned clothes in no time.

Benefits of normal washing include:

  • More reasonable cost
  • Items are compartmentalized for proper cleaning and smell fresh after washing
  • Water generally removes most stains as it is the best solvent for most of the chemicals
  • Covers normal washing of everyday garments and household textiles (curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets, etc.)

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